Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dreams are the touchstones of our character.-H.D.T.

Hello loves,
  Happy Saturday! The weather is finally beautiful here!  I have been obsessed with making my own high waisted shorts. This is actually the second pair I have made. I think im going to add some studs to it though. I really liked  how the front came out. I really wanted a distressed look. I'm actually on my way to get more shorts/jeans from the thrift store lol. I was thinking about putting the process of how I make them on my blog or maybe making a video if you guys would like to see. but not so sure yet. Anyways on to my outfit. I was going for a boho look.I love anything boho  and vintage. I think the laced up suede boots really added that touch. Anyways hope you all have a great weekend!

Much Love

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